Clover Necklace Pendant
Clover Necklace Pendant

Clover Necklace Pendant

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The biggest secret of women, dazzling with its sparkle, is hidden in the right jewelry and accessory combinations.

Necklaces, which play key role of the self-confident and radiant attitude as an accessory, are among the most valuable gifts that can be given to women.

We believe in keeping it simple, using clean lines, and letting the product speak for itself.
That is why all of our products are characterized by minimalism and simplicity.

Each of our pieces is designed and handmade using high quality made 24k gold-plated stainless steel.

This timeless and beautiful Lucky Charm Pendant comes in fine jewelry black gift box and makes the perfect gift for any occasion.


Chain length: 80 cm.
Pendant: 60 mm x 60 mm.
Material: gold-plated (24K) stainless steel
Weight: 27 g.
Cord: 5 mm / black / scented
Closure: toggle clasp / ring base with setting